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We believe that human sexuality and reproductive health must be viewed positively, free from judgement and violence.

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Based on this belief, we see that there are still many challenges to create healthy Indonesian people and enjoy their rights. These include being comfortable with their bodies, determining their partner and number of children, being free from domestic violence, sexual harassment, coercion or rape, to determining their future. At Rutgers Indonesia, we work with partners and individuals who share the same vision to create Indonesia free from violence. Rutgers WPF was initially the World Population Foundation and has been working since 1997. In 2010, WPF merged with Rutgers Nisso and became Rutgers WPF Indonesia. This merger resulted in both organizations having the same goal: Improving human life quality and eliminating violence. Our big goal is to create a conducive environment (to get support from the government and the wider community) to realize an Indonesian society free from all forms of violence and fulfill the rights to sexual health and reproductive rights that are equally non-discriminatory.


Realizing empowered Indonesian youth towards health generation,recognition and respectfulness for human rights, justice, equality, and inclusiveness.


In general, Rutgers Indonesia manages the organization in the form of programs or projects, either in research, public education, campaigns, supporting the government, and providing services. These various activities have challenges and require extraordinary dedication from the parties involved. We are fully aware that the various goals and activities that we carry out cannot be successful without the general public’s support and related parties, including the government and, of course, groups experiencing violence and marginalization. Adopting the principles of effectiveness and efficiency, Rutgers Indonesia transmits the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to individuals and organizations who jointly carry out public education activities, campaigns, research, and support the government to impact the community positively, including the society, children, youth, women, and marginalized groups.

Our Approaches

Rutgers Indonesia works by sharing its expertise. It ranges from comprehensive sexuality education, developing modules, addressing issues of violence against women and children, providing access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, and promoting diversity and tolerance.

Our Pillars

Rutgers Indonesia combines organisations’ strengths by focusing on four interlinked pillars in its work: Grant Management, Programme Implementation, Research and Advocacy.

Grant Management

Collaborates intensively with and provides support to professionals and local partner organizations. Our approach is to facilitate capacity sharing and capacity learning amongst different strengths and needs of organizations.

Programme Implementation

Focuses on the access to and quality of comprehensive sexuality education, the access to and quality of SRH services provision, and creating acceptance and understanding for young people’s development.


Carried out by Rutgers Indonesia and its collaborating partners, it aims at strengthening the evidence base of interventions, and development and measurement of sexual health indicators.


Rutgers Indonesia aims at policy development, adaptation and enforcement in all level related to SRHR issue. The work carried out by Rutgers Indonesia is characterized by a positive and rights-based approach.

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Many stories and activities can inspire you through our videos which you can find on Rutgers Indonesia’s Youtube channel
Rutgers Indonesia
Rutgers Indonesia is a non-profit organization that has been working in Indonesia since 1997 on the issue of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and the prevention of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV). We believe that human sexuality and reproductive health must be viewed positively, free from judgement and violence.
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