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“SETARA” (i.e., “SEmangaT duniA RemajA” — ‘the teenage spirit’) module.

SETARA module contains 45 topics that do not only discuss reproductive organs and sexually transmitted diseases, but also teach adolescents how to recognize and manage emotions, weigh the benefits and risks of their behavior/actions, build relationships with others in a healthy and responsible manner, as well as be able to assertively express ideas, feelings, and desires.

For 7th and 8th grader, the SETARA module is described in two guidelines, one for teachers (Teacher’s Manual) and one for students (Student’s Journal).

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly influenced the implementation of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education program in Indonesia resulting in overall 2020 achievement to be behind targets. Most of the CSE program needed to be postponed due to government policies of large-scale social restrictions advising all schools to conduct study from home. Our implementing partners tried to deliver SETARA, a CSE modules through online class.
The pandemic also affected the health system significantly. Youth friendly services at Public Health Centre were closed until further notice following government health protocols during the pandemic.
Rutgers Indonesia is quickly and significantly responding and adapts to the pandemic to ensure that CSE knowledge is accessible to all adolescents more widely.
The following is an acknowledgement of one of the users (a teenager) of the Learning Management System – CSE online, which at the time of this exhibition is holding, still under developing.

In Rutgers Indonesia, Accessible means People Helping Other People to Grow Together.
So, Welcome to the borderless of CSE access; how far can you go?. Lets go together with us.

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