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Digitalisation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Success Stories from Indonesia, Ghana, Togo and Uganda

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When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to shift to online learning, we transferred its CSE (Comprehensive Sexual Education)  curriculum, SETARA, to an online platform. The content was adapted to be concise yet comprehensive, clear and easily understood. We added videos and quizzes to make the content more engaging and interactive.

Now there is a blended approach, with some face-to-face interaction with teachers also. Moving online should ultimately expand access to CSE in Indonesia, ensuring it reaches all young people. Commissioned by Rutgers, a Netherlands based, international ‘Centre of Excellence’ on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), Rutgers aims to share expertise and knowledge with other organisations, institutions, peer educators, activists and government decision-makers to support them in delivering quality CSE and addressing the challenges of large-scale implementation.

Below is the success stories on Digitalisation of comprehensive sexuality education, not only from Indonesia, but also from Ghana, Uganda, and Togo.

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