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Job Vacancy: Senior Consultant Virtual Counseling Guidance Development for SobatASK.net

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Rutgers WPF Indonesia is a local non-profit organization that has been established since 1997 in Indonesia addressing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right, as well as preventing sexual violence based on gender and sexuality. Rutgers WPF Indonesia develops and promotes comprehensive sexuality education across ages and needs. Besides education, Rutgers also focuses on strengthening the access of youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health service. Rutgers encourages male participation in preventing  gender-based sexual violence.

One of Rutgers WPF Indonesia’s featured program is providing access to information and services for youth sexuality and reproductive health through sobatASK.net online platform. The online platform has been developed since 2014 to this day, and starting from 2017 SobatASK.net expands its service to provide online counseling related to problems faced by teenagers, especially regarding their sexuality and reproductive health. As an effort to improve the service quality of the online counseling, Rutgers WPF Indonesia requires a senior consultant to Develop Virtual Counseling Guidance.


Key Tasks:

  1. Developing inception report (including: work plan, early design for online counseling guidance which will be developed as well as interpretation detail and measurement method)
  2. Performing desks review on the available online counseling
  3. Developing an outline for online counseling program which is agreed upon with communication officer of Rutgers WPF Indonesia
  4. Developing online counseling guidance.



  1. Minimum of S2 (Master) in psychology, medicine, public health, and other relevant major in counseling. Possesses a direct experience related to counseling practices (online counseling experience is a plus) with minimum of 5 years
  2. Experienced in developing counseling guidance.
  3. Understand counseling concept, educational base, as well as counseling ethic code in implementing planned counseling relation
  4. Understand various  studies of counseling benefits
  5. Understand the steps in conducting counseling as well as counseling steps.



  1. Attach CV and Motivation Letter
  2. Copy of KTP and NPWP
  3. Attach 3 documents (module, guidance, or other relevant documents) which have been developed before.

All aforementioned supporting documents shall be sent via email to

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Rutgers WPF Indonesia

Rutgers Indonesia merupakan lembaga non-profit atau NGO yang bekerja di Indonesia sejak 1997 untuk isu Hak dan Kesehatan Seksual dan Reproduksi (HKSR), serta pencegahan Kekerasan Berbasis Gender dan Seksual (KBGS). Kami percaya bahwa seksualitas dan kesehatan reproduksi manusia harus dilihat secara positif tanpa menghakimi dan bebas dari kekerasan.

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